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Pages of Samuel


Pages of Samuel loves the opportunity to develop a story from a minimalist stance. If you aren't renting a venue, having hundreds of people involved or hiring a dozen or more vendors...Pages of Samuel 'Elopements' would love to work with you!

Trust Sam to build a cinematic story for you to show the world how valuable and in love you really are.

Elopement Details...

The Only Difference In Opportunity Is The Location.

Letters You Read

Reading a letter can be a beautiful story to 'unfold the adventure' you are about to go on in becoming one. Samuel loves using the language you use to the surrounding area's of your chosen destination to enhance the emotion & visual all the more.

Vow's You Write

Writing your own vow's are a sure way to make a promise to someone you love. When couples decide to use this option, Sam loves when couples are fully able to express their hearts towards one another in a chosen landscape that best describes them.

Letters & Vow's

Choosing to read a hand written letter & vow, you can expect this style of video to be the longest and most cinematic driven.

Every moment deserves a story to be told.

What's Included In Every Package:

The Moment Lived Sets You Apart From The Rest.

+ Writing - Script / Story Development

+ Unlimited Zoom + Phone Consultations

+ Drone Coverage (depending weather & location)

+ B-Roll / Professional Stabilization Equipment

+ Whatever Package You Choose, or Days Worth - You Have Samuel All Day!

+ Readiness Of Locations + Best Destinations On Your Request

+ Commercial, Royalty Free Music & Sounds

+ Professional Audio Recording / Pro-Audio Editing

+ Word Transitions / Descriptions of Location & Names

+ Professional Workmanship With Any Photographer / Vendor Involved

+ Post & Pre Production Is Included / Including Planning With Your Photographer

+ All Finished Products Are Posted To Socials + Hard-Drive That's Mailed Directly To You

How To Define Yourself.

Choosing The Value Of Your Love Is Something You're Deserving To Show.

Packages come in 3, 5 & 7 day coverages and the completed videos can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes in length. Ask Sam your questions during your consultation with him.

Consultations typically take about 15 minutes. 

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