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What Is Your Film Style?

Samuel's work is warm and inviting, natural and true tone to color. His work captures moments of emotion and ambiance. Like every good creative, his style has refined itself throughout the years. Samuel's work can transport you back to your wedding day to relive all of the beautiful moments that made your special day yours.

How Soon Should We Book You?

Samuel receives 100+ inquires a year and around 30 the following year. To protect your wedding date and reserve work with him, He suggest's booking promptly!


If you have any questions about his service please ask them over your phone or Zoom consultation. Consultations typically last about 15-30 minutes.

What Are Your Package's? - What's Your Rate?

Samuel provides exclusive services to his couples. With that being said, He offers standard packages and includes an 'a la carte'. When you send a contact form you'll be sent a customized packet that shows all the pricing and information needed to reserve your date.

What Are Your Most Popular Packages?

Every couple is different and every couples budget is not the same. When you hire Pages of Samuel to cover your wedding it's important that you pay attention to what you, as the couple want. Every package offer's a feature that is extensive but not too lengthy and there are many packages to choose from including an a la carte.

What Separates You From The Rest?

Samuel is not your typical wedding videographer. In your feature you can expect to see a mix of everything from hype to dramatic and everything in-between to make sure all the emotion is captured and felt when you watch the final edit of your wedding day. 

Do We Have A Say In Music To Be Chosen For Our Feature?

YES! Sam encourages couples to pick a few songs to be included in their official edit. He values the functionality of his couples taste. After all, it's their wedding video and he wants to make sure that what his couples are listening to is just as appealing as the feature being watched.

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